About Us

SK Ventures is a leading real estate company in Nepal. We invest, acquire, develop, construct, manage, market and sell real estate properties across the country. The company has owned and sold over 340 properties all over Nepal since its establishment in 2014. Since inception we have acquired and sold over 500 Crore of real estate assets.

We thrive in complex situations and are actively seeking new real estate investment opportunities in all parts of the country. In 2019, SK Ventures plans to excel on real estate business with the expertise management and technical team, company target to develop commercial complex, lease project and residential project.

Message From Chairman

“SK Ventures started with a humble beginning in 2014 with my personal hard earned savings and support of few of my close investors and big dreams. Today after 5 years of constant effort on investing in properties and providing best real estate experience to our valued clients, we have owned and sold over 340 properties and have built a network of over 300 Agents, We have become a leading real estate company in Nepal.

SK Ventures today has investments in more than 500Cr worth of properties all over Nepal and a strong team dedicated in providing the exceptional service to our clients. Our clients are our number one priority. We “Never compromise” to make sure that our valued clients have a seamless and easy property buying experience. We always make sure that our clients are benefited from the properties they buy from us. We invest & develop only on those properties that eventually turn out to be a profitable and suitable properties for our valued clients.

Since we only deal with the properties that we invest in, we make sure that those properties have no legal issues, no paperwork issues and develop those properties to make them even greater in value and profitable to our clients. Our core values, service philosophy, our happy clients most importantly, our people, are what make us the leader in all the areas we serve.

Lastly I would like to thank my investors, clients, team and associates for their hard work and constant support throughout this journey. “

Sohyal Karki
Chairman and Managing Director

Our Vision

“To be the leading real estate company of Nepal”

Our Mission

  • Investing in and developing real estate projects.
  • Creating communities in developing areas of the cities of Nepal.
  • Acquiring properties with growth potential and giving maximum returns to the our investors.
  • Give the best service to our clients by providing best quality client service and seamless & transparent property transfer.
  • Giving a solid platform to real estate agents to build long term career in real estate.

Core Competencies

  • Extensive experience in owning and operating real estate projects.
  • Seamless property transfer process.
  • Successful track record of investing developing and selling real estate.

Our Strategy

  • To develop smart plotting at affordable price.
  • To develop Lease projects in prime location.
  • To build and sell commercial complex.
  • To develop the beautiful colony in different locations in Nepal.

Our Team

Sohyal Karki

Executive Chairman

Sales Team

Suresh Tuladhar

Sr. Sales Officer

Shtrughan Kumar Sah

Sales Officer

Karma Tashi Gurung

Sales Officer

Mahim Shrestha

Sales Officer

Rajesh Adhikari

Sales Officer

Archana Upreti

Sales Officer

Pratik Suwal

Sales Officer

Anjan Chapagain

Sales Officer

Amul Acharya

Sales Officer

Operations Team

Sabina Maharjan

Office Assistant

Engineering Team

Rubiz Upadhyaya

Civil Engineer

IT Team

Raju Maharjan

IT manager

Acquisition Team

Jenish Jung Shahi

Acquisition Manager

Biraj Shrestha

Acquisition Officer

Legal Team

Binit KC

Legal Officer

Project Management Team

Binod Shah

Project Manager


Prashraya Ratna Tuladhar

Associate Partner