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June 1, 2022

SK Ventures’ staff members feeding the children at Madan Aashrit school in collaboration with ‘Food for cause’. We were more than happy to see the smiles in those children’s faces. Even if it was only for a brief moment, it was a worthwhile experience.

Date: 2022 May 31

Team Says

Amrit Adhikari: I had already done social works in past days. But today’s programme been so great. We didn’t only donated food but received so much love from the little onces. I feel so blessed to be parts of this event and sk ventures team. Specially thanks to our MD sir for making this possible.

Soniya Thapa Magar: I will always remember and count this day as my best one🥰 Thank you SK Ventures 😇 Satisfying and wonderful experience 🌻

Manisha Shrestha: All about todays donation the way I experienced was something beyond .I wasnt preared for the mix of the emotion I felt though ,the whole process has been really easy and straight forward and the team there were lovely to deal with, Donation lead to pleasure and it made me feel pleasure,happy ,got social connection, trust,and created warm glow effect .Thank you skventures for bringing smile in every individual struggling with hunger whose eyes were filled with not more than hope and dreams. Thankyou for giving me opportunity to involve in todays program. Felt exhilarating.
🙏 skventures 🙏


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